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Get your 100% COMPLIMENTARY no-obligation 15-Minute Chat Session to see if you’re a good fit for our proprietary "Retirement Protection Program" to not only keep up to 43% more of your old 401(k)(1), but have a concrete plan to avert stock market declines and live 20% longer(2) (yeah, really).




Every time you change jobs, you have some choices to make about your old 401(k). Generally, there are four basic options.

 Each of these choices has advantages and disadvantages to consider. In this COMPLIMENTARY 15-minute chat, we’ll share with you how to avoid common (and expensive) mistakes and how your 401(k) can play a key role in your retirement preparations.

 Remember, you have at least 30 days to decide what to do with your 401(k) when you switch jobs. (1)



Traditional investment diversification doesn't offer you protection against investment loss. Yet avoiding risk altogether offers little chance for growth. 

 We'll share with you how you could create your own, individual balance of protection and growth.

 One that strikes your ideal balance between the market’s upside potential and its downside risks.

LIVING 20% LONGER (Yeah, really)

LIVING 20% LONGER (Yeah, really)

We'll share with you how to create contractually guaranteed lifetime retirement income. 

 For the rest of your life.

 Of which it is well established that individuals with this in place tend to live longer than the general population. (2)


Tom G., Littleton, CO - Client

Tom G., Littleton, CO - Client

"I have to say, FRG saved our entire future, 20 years ago!!  They had a deliberate, attainable goal for our family…. they were so successful, we retired 2 years ago and have never looked back…thanks to Bob, Ben, and Mike for letting us, have peace of mind…which as you know “I needed!!” *

Sam D., Thornton, CO – Client & Brother of Ben DiSalle

Sam D., Thornton, CO – Client & Brother of Ben DiSalle

"I would like to say thank you to the Financial Retirement team. Your team was a major contributor in allowing me to retire 7 years earlier than expected and enjoy priceless time with my wife and grandchildren. The investments I was introduced to were suitable. They currently allow us to enjoy all things we love to do without the worry of running out of money.  I know our money and investments are in good and secure hands with your team. 

Thank you" *

Jessica B., Wheat Ridge, CO – Client & Niece of Ben DiSalle

Jessica B., Wheat Ridge, CO – Client & Niece of Ben DiSalle

"I've been working with the team at The Financial Retirement Group for years. One of the things I like so much about working with them is that they always take the time to help me fully understand my choices. And once I make a decision to go a certain way, they handle all the details to make it easy for me to finalize things quickly. The FRG team makes my life easier and takes the anxiety out of financial planning. I'm very lucky to have them as a resource." *

Sue E., Arvada, CO - Client

Sue E., Arvada, CO - Client

"I started with this team back in 2005 and we’ve worked together to set up several income streams for my retirement.  Here are a few reasons why I chose this team and have stayed with them:


  1. Trust - from the beginning, their thorough and clear explanations of recommendations and tracking of progress have instilled a strong feeling of trust that allows me to look forward to retirement with confidence.


  1. Kind - I have always felt that my best interest is their goal and they have treated me with great kindness.


  1. Knowledgeable - even though my knowledge of financial planning is limited, I believe they’ve demonstrated thorough knowledge of the plans laid out for me and have been able to describe each with clear and simple explanations." *
Gary B., Aurora, CO - Client - President, Bates & Assoc., Inc.

Gary B., Aurora, CO - Client - President, Bates & Assoc., Inc.

"We have worked with The Financial Retirement Group for 17 years. They have helped us in many ways regarding life insurance, long term health needs and many other areas. My wife and I feel that these gentlemen sincerely care about helping us in any way they can. I highly recommend their company." *

Ernst R., Paonia, CO - Client

Ernst R., Paonia, CO - Client

"Investing with the Financial Retirement Group early in life consistently provides us with a constant income stream that exceeds our retirement goal.  Such a blessing to have a lifetime guaranteed income enabling us to enjoy family and the finer things in life without having to tap our savings or relying on Social Security." *

Bill Y., Santa Barbara, CA - Client

Bill Y., Santa Barbara, CA - Client

"I have been working with FRG for almost 20 years. Next year I will be 75 and have seen the ups and downs of the stock market. I generally feel very confident in my retirement based in large part from working with FRG and purchasing annuities. In the next few years, I will begin to annuitize these investments, and the cash returns should enable me to live comfortably throughout my and my spouse’s lives. I consider them experts in this field and have appreciated their counsel over the years." *

Laura B., Denver, CO - Client

Laura B., Denver, CO - Client

"When I wanted to retire after 45 years of “the grind”, I quickly became overwhelmed by the complications of products and processes that the financial sector offered to me. Blessed by a referral to FRG, their expertise, personal analyses, and outstanding client care, I gratefully met my income goals and after almost 12 years together, I continue to feel confident in my income stream and valued as a customer and friend." *

Cleve T., Erie, CO - Client

Cleve T., Erie, CO - Client

"I have used the Financial Retirement Group for over 15 years. They have solidified my income and allowed me to retire with additional funds.


The customer service provided by Ben, Bob, Andrea and Mike has been great and they have always supplied me with forms, documents and answers when needed.


Recently I sold a business and was looking for a path forward on how to save the most money and have the most income. I interviewed 4 other investment services, I should have started with them and ended with them. They did me a solid." *

Brandon D., Thornton, CO – Client & Brother of Ben DiSalle

Brandon D., Thornton, CO – Client & Brother of Ben DiSalle

"The Financial Retirement Group (Ben DiSalle, Bob Malone, and Mike Malone and their assistant Andrea) have been nothing short of exceptional.  Their planning strategies have allowed me to relax in this down market and still be able to keep my retirement date in mind.  In addition, they are continuously reviewing my account to see if there are any additional ways they can help speed up my retirement date.  I cannot thank them enough for giving me confidence each and every day knowing my investments are in good hands." *

Joe C., Longmont, CO - Client

Joe C., Longmont, CO - Client

"Everyone over at The Financial Retirement Group is easy to work with and responsive, they listen and have good solutions to any concerns that might come up, and most importantly their financial offerings consistently seem to give me confidence in my investments.  For suitable, solid financial advice FRG is a great choice.

Thanks" *

Lori C., Walnut, CA - Client

Lori C., Walnut, CA - Client

"I'm very happy to tell you how extremely satisfied I am with your company and all the years of wonderful, helpful service you have given me and my family!!" *

Josh K., Cloverdale, CA - Client

Josh K., Cloverdale, CA - Client

"I was referred to the Financial Retirement Group by my grandparents who have now both passed on! I am so glad that I listened to them. Everyone that we have dealt with there have been very easy going and very knowledgeable. Couldn't be happier with where and who I am taking advice from and handling my money." *

Randy H., West Jordan, Utah - Client

Randy H., West Jordan, Utah - Client

"All 3 of the principals at FRG are very customer service oriented. They make themselves extremely accessible and are so knowledgeable, personable and friendly to work with. They are by far the best financial advisors I've ever dealt with." *

Val K., Northglenn, CO - Client

Val K., Northglenn, CO - Client

"The staff of the Financial Retirement Group has helped guide me through a successful retirement plan. They take the time to answer all my questions and make educated suggestions. I trust them without question!" *

Carla B., Westminster, CO - Client

Carla B., Westminster, CO - Client

"Two of my most significant financial decisions was to contribute to an employee 401(k) plan, and then subsequently, transfer the 401(k) funds into an annuity plan through Financial Retirement Group. It happened prior to the "big recession," and I was retired but working part-time and becoming more and more worried as I observed the diminution of my hard-earned dollars in my 401(k).  Furthermore, as I noted with trepidation  President George W Bush traveling the country attempting to sell Americans on privatizing Social Security on which I would soon be depending, I became worried. 


After a long career in human resources management including administering 401(k) plans for employees, I was convinced that was the path to financial retirement security.  I continue to believe that as long as at retirement time we are experiencing a robust stock market.  A friend recommended FRG and subsequently, being a reader and writer but with little interest in finance, I put my financial retirement in what has proven to be expert hands: Bob, Ben, and Mike.  Although I can live on Social Security and a small savings account, the lifetime interest from the annuity has made a difference in maintaining my home, and at 83, enjoying a financially secure, comfortable life." *

Art A., Lakewood, CO - Client

Art A., Lakewood, CO - Client

"I joined the Financial Retirement Group well over thirty years ago before it was called the Financial Retirement Group. It was just Bob Malone guiding me and my previous wife heading towards what we were hoping to instill confidence in our retirement and future. It was his interest in old classic Lincoln cars that drew us to him to help guide us but so much more than that for us to stay with him and his company for all the years that followed.

As associates joined Bob and the business continued to grow, so did my trust in Bob and then Ben Di Salle, Mike Malone (Bob's Son), and, finally Andrea Bonifacino, rounding out an office of very professional financial people. Going it alone financially to have a good plan in place for a worry-free retirement demands professional help.

Now, here we are, all these years later after making that choice in this group of professionals, living the dream, as a retired couple. Our house and cars are paid off and we travel occasionally...We still watch expenses, but we couldn’t have had this kind of success were it not for the financial guidance and encouragement we got from the members of the Financial Retirement Group. Nice to know there's still some honest business people left that take pride in what they do. Thank You." *

<strong>Dudley E., Golden, CO - Client</strong>

Dudley E., Golden, CO - Client

"I've been with The Financial Retirement Group for the past 14 years and it's been a pleasure working with their entire team.  Everyone is very professional and they take the time to explain your financial retirement options in a way that makes sense.  They take a no-nonsense long-term approach toward your financial retirement.  It's a win-win relationship because their success is linked directly to their clients' success.  I like the time they spend with me during what I call their semi-annual "refresher meetings" where they review your goals, performance of your portfolio, and answer any question you may have.  They are available any time to answer questions along the way, and they give out great tasting pies around the holidays to their clients!  I would highly recommend sitting down with Ben, Mike and Bob to discuss your specific retirement goals." *

Laura H., Northglenn, CO - Client

Laura H., Northglenn, CO - Client

"I came 

I was stressed

I sat down across from three men~~~


I am now retired

With a plan  

I am enjoying my time

Thanks to them!" *

John G., Henderson, CO - Client

John G., Henderson, CO - Client

"My wife and I have been utilizing The Financial Retirement Group for quite a few years.  We have been engaged with Mike, Bob, and Ben, since 2004.  Their experience has provided a path towards our future retirement, and we have gained in financial independence with their expertise.

We would highly recommend that you contact them for your financial review which will help you obtain your path towards financial freedom and retirement.

Respectfully" *

Juliann H., Broomfield, CO - Client

Juliann H., Broomfield, CO - Client

"My grandfather and grandma used FRG for all their financial needs and I grew up hearing your name, they raved about you guys.  As of now 3/4 of our family use you as well.  FRG always makes me feel like more than just a client and their follow up is impeccable!  No matter the amount, they are always thorough in explaining exactly what is happening with my money. 


Thanks I appreciate you guys!" *

Brad H., Highlands Ranch, CO &#8211; Client

Brad H., Highlands Ranch, CO – Client

"The guys at FRG have put my wife and I on a path for a comfortable retirement.  They listened to our wants and laid out a plan for our risk tolerance. Highly recommend spending time talking with them." *

Donna B., Deltona, FL &#8211; Client and Sister of Bob Malone

Donna B., Deltona, FL – Client and Sister of Bob Malone

"I have been working with the Financial Retirement Group for over two decades.  They have done all the heavy lifting for me, and guided me through choices and options, to provide me with all the financial security I will need for the rest of my life.  Working with Ben, Bob, Mike, and Andrea has been a great joy.  They are so caring and are always looking out for my best interests.  I am so glad to have them in my life, and I highly recommend them for ALL your financial planning.



Sincerely," *  

Lorraine S., The Villages, FL - Client

Lorraine S., The Villages, FL - Client

"I have been working with the Financial Retirement Group since 2007. They have always steered me in the right direction depending on my needs. 

There is always someone available to address questions or concerns. 

Their suggestions for handling my money has resulted in a positive cash flow. I moved out of state, but would not transfer my account. I like the superior service I have received from Financial Retirement Group. You can always depend on positive outcomes from them." *


Antoine W., Arvada, CO – Client

"I've had a nearly 20-year relationship with the members of the Financial Retirement Group. During that period of time I have found them to be skilled advisors and investors aiding me in turning my personal financial goals into reality for retirement." *

Camillo D., Broomfield, CO – Client & Brother of Ben DiSalle

"FRG is not only a Financial Institution, I look at them as my personal financial umbrella when it comes to my financial security. In today's world. Many have tried to obtain my accounts with promises of protecting my assets.  This company has proven over and over they have the experience and skill set to manipulate and manage my funds so I can plan my retirement with confidence.  I strive to meet my personal goals and dreams in my life, however, part of that success is knowing this team has my back and I do not need to worry about my retirement funds. I am confident with FRG.


Thanks," *

Charlene S., Grand Junction, CO - Client

"The Financial Retirement Group has been so helpful to give me advice on my account. They are always quick to respond to my questions about my investment.  We had conversations about how aggressive I would want to invest; I have appreciated their knowledge. I am very satisfied to have a very qualified group to work for me.

Thank you all!" *

Connie S., Fort Lupton, CO - Client

"My Father, myself and my husband have been with Ben, Bob, and Michael for many years. They have always been very helpful and care about our finances. They take extra time to help with any of our questions. Also always give good advice concerning our accounts." *

Deb M., Westminster, CO - Client

"I have had my accounts with father and son team Mike and Bob Malone for over 15 years. During that time, they have always been available to me when I called their office. They always answer my questions and make sure I understand what I need to know about my annuities.  I'm glad to have chosen them to help me with my financial retirement needs." *

Don T., Castle Rock, CO - Client

"Donald and Susan have worked with FRG for almost 18 years! We have 3 accounts with them.

They understand your needs and goals and explain their products well. Also, very responsive to question and concerns.

Enjoy talking and bouncing things off them, even have met our retirement goals!" *     

Janie B., Sidney, NE - Client

"The Financial Retirement Group has helped me feel confident in my retirement. I retired earlier than I anticipated. And was happy to have them guide me and not worry about running out of money.

They have helped me feel at ease ... 

Thanks to the Financial Retirement Group!!!" *

Jill G., Parker, CO - Client

"The folks at The Financial Retirement Group have treated us with great respect and kindness. They fully understand their responsibility of providing us with sound financial advice so that we can retire in peace.  They are there for us when have questions and are actively reaching out to us making sure we are comfortable with our options.   It has been a wonderful experience having The Financial Retirement Group in our corner. " *

Melinda N., Boulder, CO – Client

"I had 2 other financial advisors before I signed on with FRG. Neither had sat down and gone over how I was going to reach my goals for retirement. Ben and Mike were honest and straight forward with me about where I was financially. They worked with me to create a plan to achieve what I needed to feel secure about my future. I feel lucky to have found FRG!" *  

Brian W., Collierville, TN - Client

"My wife and I were referred to Ben at FRG through my mother-in-law. I had called Ben to help me with my 85-year-old mother’s finances to help secure her funds and future after selling her home of 50 years. Ben and Mike not only helped my mom feel comfortable about her finances but gave us financial advice to allow her to have access to money if needed but also to secure her to live a comfortable life.  


Ben and Mike proved their mission statement was correct, they empower their clients by developing accurate and timely financial information to provide a lifetime stream of income. My wife and I now have FRG Ben and Mike managing our financial portfolio. My only regret!! I wish I would have met them when I was younger.  Under their financial advice I feel comfortable saying we will feel comfortable about our finances when we retire.   


Sincerely, " *

Diane D., Aurora, CO - Client

"I'm not sure how many years I have worked with Ben, Bob and Michael. At least 20 I know.  They helped my parents before that.  When I didn't have much, they encouraged me and treated me like I was their biggest customer.  When I retired and my Corp 401k tanked, lost half, they coached me and helped me pull the pieces together.  With their help, I can, at 78 with an 86 yrs. old husband, be relaxed about the future and know we don't have to depend on my kids - and may even have some left for them to enjoy.

Thank you @TheFinancialRetirementgroup for being here for me." *

Tim F., Los Alamos, NM - Client

"It gives me pleasure to write this recommendation for Michael Malone and associates, “FRG” I have worked with them for almost 20 years now and believe they provide successful advise on financial recommendations for the retired persons. They are personal, professional and give you a genuine feeling of comfort in the joint decision making. It is awesome knowing that your future finance situation is getting excellent care." *

Ed H., Centennial, CO - Client

"I have seldom interacted with the Financial Retirement Group due to my procrastination. However, I do know when I need help, This team is there to assist and direct me in the correct direction. I look forward to get back into working with the group this year to setup a good plan for myself and retirement.

Thank you" *

Erik B., Mesa, AZ - Client

"Whether it's Mike, Bob, or Ben, I’ve always been able to pose questions and get a meaningful response; be it an explanation about something I'm not clear on, a hypothetical, or for future planning purposes.  They have proven themselves to be willing, responsive, and will follow-up, which I have found to be rare in the financial services industry.  I look forward to the day that I have more assets to put under management simply because I know they will be in good hands and that I can sleep easy!


Best Regards," *

Gary M., Longmont, CO - Client

"I have always felt confident with my investments and will be using you in a couple months to start monthly distributions as I retired starting 10-01-2020. I have talked to other Rocky Flats people who have use you your company and reassure me of the stability for retirement. 


I am very glad I talked to Ben back in 2005.

Thanks for your help" *  


WARNING: Before you claim your complimentary chat session you must understand that this is NOT for everybody, this is only for executives who have recently changed jobs and are serious about setting up their retirement for long term attainment and are willing to invest in that future.

This is NOT for freebie tire kickers.

We’ll do the brunt of the work, but to truly take advantage of our "Retirement Protection Program" we need your commitment and dedication to follow and learn our system to execute. If you’re not ready for that please don’t waste our time.

But if you are ready to kick your retirement into overdrive book your FREE chat session call now.

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✔️ Small Business owners

✔️ Doctors (Dentist, Neurosurgeons, Orthodontists)

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I look forward to chatting, and I hope something good happens to you out there today...


R. Michael Malone

R. Michael Malone

Financial Advisor

The Financial Retirement Group

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(1)  "The Ultimate 401(k) Transition Guide For Recent Job Changers", Page 2

(2) "Annuities and Moral Hazard: Can Longevity Insurance Increase Longevity?", By Patrick C. Tricker, - The Empirical Evidence, Page 45